John AshenhurstJohn Ashenhurst - John has been involved in insurance technology since 1975, founding DPCI (creating CAIRís Evolution system, among other things), founding TAARReport (with Rick Morgan), founding Silver Plume (with Rick and Loren Parsons), managing iiX, and acting as AMS Holding Group, Executive VP. Now semi-retired, he lives with his better half, Yvonne, in Deer Harbor, on Orcas Island, in the San Juan Islands, northwest of Seattle, Washington ó and sometimes gets out on the water in his Camano Troll, Gumption.


Vendors interested in having case studies, articles or white papers written or who could use some help with business strategy or marketing might want to contact John Ashenhurst at


Steve BrightbillSteve Brightbill - Betagraph

Steve has been involved in insurance technology reporting and publishing for nearly 20 years, including a long stint as editor of TAARReport. His company, Betagraph Integrated Information Solutions, provides creative and technical services for marketing communications and publishing. That includes paper and electronic media, and the design, building, and improvement of Web sites.


For vendors and publications: Steve is available for consulting and article writing about strategic Internet and Web issues related to agency Web sites, trends and attitudes, visitor habits, and Web-based marketing.

For agencies: Web site design, makeovers, content development; Web site evaluation and consultation; conventional graphic design and editorial services for print media, publications, marketing support and promotion, and visual identity development.

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