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Self-publishing has a long and vital history. Great authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Gertrude Stein, Washington Irving, Walt Whitman, and James Joyce were all self-published authors who controlled the look and distribution of their work.

Self-publishing is not to be confused with a vanity press or subsidy publisher. Both are similar in the sense that the author makes the financial investment to publish the manuscript, however, the self-publisher retains all publishing rights and ownership over the finished product.

Many of the requirements for publishing, marketing and distribution can beaccomplished by the author, as the more an author does the more profitable the book. An author may choose not to doŚor may not be able to doŚmuch of what needs to be done, this is where outside help becomes necessary.

Paper Jam Publishing was founded on this basis, and our 30 years of combined experience in publishing and graphic design is what makes a self-published book stand out and be noticed. We have the combined talents of some fine graphic artists, editors, photographers, writers, and printing agents creating a cooperative business that can help the self-publisher. Also, we can help the self-publisher in the role of consultant, including writing, proofing and editing, and the design, illustration, production and printing of a complete book.

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