The Original the Sharkmobile....Fishmobile... call it what you like...
 its going up for sale on eBay!













This is one spectacular rig. What is it good for? More fun that you can imagine. Great for advertising your fishing camp, taco stand, fish business, Parrothead Club, Whale watch business, Scuba diving. 

  • Put on top of you building to attract attention - IT WILL!
  • use for Fish deliveries
  • or Camp transportation
  • Put it on display at your car dealership

ParrotHeads - this is your lucky day - its already a SHARK!





A little history


EVOLUTION in progress?

The metamorphous began in 1999 on this beach in the San Juan Islands of Washington State........

near Friday Harbor


The truth is....
evolution needed a lot of help.
Where do you start?


Ok, start with the mouth - extend it




All formed and shaped



Add a dorsal fin


and a tail

That's brother Jon


and me


A lot of foam,
 and a little paint,
makes that Chevy,
what it ain't.








My daughter despised it at age 13, then drove it for a year at age 16. That took a lot of guts!


Here's my wife Shauna, and Dani


Shauna and girlfriends in Hawaii


OK, back to the subject


a hungry looking orca


Now that's a custom van!



The tail end


Then came the concert in Auburn,

Washington - guess who!



Yep, Jimmy Buffett, and so out came the paint...



and the orca became a shark...a truly customized  custom van



Well, now it's basically just resting in my back yard.

It's a fine automobile, someone should be driving this rig!



What a rig!!


I was thinking I could make a great looking tropical fish, so I bought some paint and was about to start painting, except......


my wife no longer finds this item amusing - it happens.

I guess its gotta go!



Want more info?

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ParrotHeads - this is your lucky day - its already a SHARK!