Rainshadow Solar

Orcas, WA


Grid Connected Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Project Gallery 


Project #1: Liz and Ron Keeshan, Friday Harbor, WA   

2.5 kW Grid Interconnected PV system    -   Schott Applied Power "Sun Roof" packaged system

2970 Watts of PV (18 Schott SAPC-165 modules)   -  Roof mounted rack

Sunny Boy 2500U inverter w/ digital display  



Project #2 : Dick and Becky Greaves, Orcas Island, WA 

25kW Grid Interconnected PV system - Largest Private PV system in Washington

29,700 Watts of PV (180 Schott SAPC-165 modules) - 14 ground mount racks, 6 top of pole mount racks

10 Sunny Boy 2500U inverters,  Sunny Boy Control monitors system performance



Project #3 : John and Kathy Rosselli,  Orcas Island, WA

660 Watt grid connected PV system with battery backup. 

Trace SW4024 inverter with GTI interface.  Green box is Outback PSDC inverter disconnect and DC wiring enclosure. 

360 amp-hour battery bank @ 24 volts.



Project #4 : OPALCO / Bonneville Environmental Foundation Demonstration Project

   at West Sound Marina, Orcas Island, WA  - Contact: Martha Warachowski (OPALCO)  

900W grid interconnected system - 12 Siemens SP75 modules on top of pole mount rack

Advanced Energy GC1000 inverter



Product Example Photos (not Rainshadow installations)  -  Rainshadow project photos unavailable

Uni-Solar Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)


Example #1: "PV Shingles"  combined with composite roofing material


Example #2:  "Field Applied Roofing Laminate" PV modules applied to standing seam metal roofing