Vista Cruise Modification for the XX

The Vista Cruise can be modified to fit the XX as follows:

Vista Cruise Model needed: purchase the 'cruise that says "suitable for most Honda dual throttle".

Tools needed: hack saw, file or rasp, coarse sandpaper.

1) There are two tabs at right angles to the mounting ring on the 'cruise. Cut off the tab farthest from the hinge on the ring.

2) With the file, narrow the other tab until it will fit between the cable guides on the throttle body.

3) With the sandpaper, enlarge the hole that the grip fits thru. sand and fit until the throttle turns smoothly.

4) Remove the rubber grip and loosen the bar-end wt.

5) Install the Vista Cruise and replace the grip.

6) Twist and pull the bar-end out about an extra 1/8 inch to allow free turning of the throttle.

7) Adjust Vista Cruise as package directs.

This sounds like a hassle but it only takes a half an hour. when you're done, it works great and is much easier to use than the Throttlemeister type of control. The 'Cruise lever is easy to hit with gloves and it is invisible as an add on. I find I use mine on slow, rough roads to avoid surging as well as the more typical use to relieve your right hand on long stretches.

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