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Shaman Divination Work of Shamanism

Shaman Divination work- consisting but not limited to, Soul Retrieval, Divination, Power Animal retrieval, Extraction and help connecting the client to their Highest Self or True Nature, allowing them to solve their own issues from place of love and acceptance.

I work one on one with the client guided by my ancient grandmothers in varying capacities during the session which might include hands on body work to open blockages and using the guidance by the ancient ones to guide the session.

Long Distance work by phone- I work with the spirits in a divination or information gathering way for advice around a particular issue or issues for resolution.

Using this method of divination I’m also able to check on deceased family members and friends, helping in their transition to the other side.

Basic Journey Workshop - 1 intensive day. I teach the journey method, going to the upper world, lower world and divination.

Animal Communication using the Shamanic method

Mary Getten.
This workshop is tailored for my friend Mary’s animal communication students to expand their toolbox in helping their animal friends.

Advanced work in connecting and working with your True Nature. This is a 2 day workshop helping students to get in touch with their True Nature of being and living from that place.

Businesses - One of my favorite passions is working with businesses to align everyone onto the same spiritual page of understanding of the office, We journey to values, emotional and spiritual growth, guidelines for dealing with conflict. This workshop is about speaking from everyone’s “highest” good. This is 4-6 hours of focused journeys for your specific business.

shamanic Soul Retrieval

is limitless and I’m always open to tailor workshops for specific needs. All of our lives are moving so quickly, changing and facing huge issues of this illusory world, that I've learned and enjoy the requests of topics of healing for a workshop based on specific need.
Examples of soul retrieval are grief work, death and dying, creativity- helping to unblock Creation.

Shaman In-Spirit

My mission is to help serve the Spirits in the most compassionate manner possible. My intention is to help others “wake up” to their lives through the work of the compassionate spirits showing the way of healing to the client.

I believe my work is about “planting a seed, grows a thousand trees” of happiness, joy, bliss, healing and right action; helping to make our human condition more exquisite and life affirming. The flame in each of our souls shines brighter serving one another and the Mother (Earth and all it’s creatures).

Being as bright a flame as possible shines light farther than you know igniting other flames everywhere

Shaman and Shamanism

Shamanism is a great mental and emotional adventure, one in which the patient as well as the shaman-healer are involved. Through his heroic journey and efforts, the shaman helps his patients transcend their normal, ordinary definition of reality, including the definition of themselves as ill. The shaman shows his patients that they are not emotionally and spiritually alone in their struggles against illness and death. The shaman shares his special powers and convinces this patients, on a deep level of consciousness, that another human is willing to offer up his own self to help them The shaman’s self-sacrifice calls forth a commensurate emotional commitment from his patients, a sense of obligation to struggle alongside the shaman to save one’s self. Caring and curing go hand in hand.

When I practice Shamanism I move between Ordinary Reality (this experience of the world as you perceive it, right here, right now) and Non-Ordinary Reality or the Shamanic State of consciousness, which is similar to lucid dreaming. All things are possible in Dreamtime and to the shamans Dreamtime is Realtime and much healing takes place there.

To me I would describe it as parallel reality traveling which also links up to the whole concept of “string theory”.

In anycase, in my experience the shaman aligns with the compassionate spirits to gather information and healing for the client. Shamans are the people who “go between the worlds” working with the compassinate spirits to help others.

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Soul Retrieval and Power Animal Retrieval
In my experience of this work coupled with my teachings the Shamans believe that we are all born with free soul and power animals to protect us and keep us well and alive. The belief is that you cannot live with out either. Why would you need Retrieval work? There are times in many of our lives where accidents occur, tragedy emotional and physical in nature, conflict and traumas of varying proportions. During these times part of your free soul leaves so you can live and there are times when your power animal leave as well. When too much of either spirit source leaves you can get sick emotionally and/or physically creating a life of unhappiness and problems. Sometimes these parts come back and all is well, often times not and life goes on without you being fully present. At this time should you seek the help of a shamanic healer their job is to travel the realms of non ordinary reality on your behalf and retrieve what was lost. My experience is generally joyous on these occasions. like bringing home long lost friends and sacred parts of yourself. It’s brilliant work and very often life changing.

There are times when people have spiritual intrusions for some reason causing dis-ease. The shamanic healer works with the spirits to extract these intrusions from the body using a rattle, drum, hands or mouth as in sucking them from the person and then blowing them into a vessel with water to neutralize them again.

In the case of either of these treatments I journey to the spirits to ask for the appropriate treatment. I follow up these treatments with the infusion of light to fill your empty spaces with positive, loving light.

I am happy to discuss this further if you have any questions. Please contact me.


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