Honda Blackbird FAQ

The Honda CBR series is very reliable and has few problems. Still, questions come up
about performance, idiosyncrasy and equipment. Some of these FAQ's are answered from
my experience and some are taken from posts to the CBR list.

Q.  Should I worry about the noise my clutch makes in neutral?
A.  No. It seems normal for these bikes to grumble a bit in neutral when the clutch is let out.

Q.  What oil should I use?
A.  Follow owners manual for weight and rating (SG) and don't be afraid to put synthetic in after the first oil change. Do not use oil additives!

Q.  What is a good chain lube?
A.   I like the recommended 90wt. gear oil. It is very clean and cheap. Chain wax works too but costs more. Lube more often in the wet. Clean with WD-40 or kerosene on an old sock if the chain is dirty.

Q.  Can I corner with the sport bikes?
A.  You can get close to their lean angle but you will eventually drag the "hero blobs" on the foot pegs. The very next thing  to touch will be the fairing on the left and the exhaust and fairing on the right!

Q.  Will premium gas give me more power?
A.  Nope.

Q.  What is the recommended tire pressure?
A.  The book says 42psi (290kPa) I find this gives a hard ride. I use 36 psi front and rear. less than 32 and steering becomes heavy. BTW, I am using OEM BT 57 tires.

Q.  How long should I let the engine warm up in the morning?
A.  As soon as the engine will pull smoothly with full choke (temperatures around 35 F., 3 C. ) ride off. this takes about 30 sec. for my bike. decrease choke as soon as bike accelerates cleanly. I rarely ride more than 3/4 mi... (1.5 km.) before I'm off the choke completely.

Q.  How far will the XX go on a full tank of gas?
A.  Driven gently, I got 197 mi... out of one tank. Flogged mercilessly, about 100+ mi...

Q.  What type of mileage can I expect on my Blackbird?
A.  I average 38 mpg (U.S. gal.) for general riding. Less in the winter due to cold, thick oil. Nursed on the highway at legal speeds.... oh, forget it - who rides legal speeds?

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