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As of 3/6/09 We have temporarily stopped taking orders- probably thru summer '09

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North House Folk School- Grand Marais, Minnesota

- The Eyak Umiak project - click image

Kodiak Kayak Frame - - - - - - - - - - - - - Palaaq- Logging to Launch in 50 seconds!
more videos from this project at our YouTube channel

Virtual Diomede

Harvey Golden on & in the Columbia River(YouTube)

Nunivak Kayaks - video

Walrose&Hyde Kayak & Skin Boat publishing - (contrary to rumors, Umiak is still in print, but they're going fast!)

"I love your books (got them both) and the video.
I have been working (mostly planning thus far) off of your Sumiak plan set too. These are great resources."
DP, boat builder and SOF enthusiast from Alaska

Kayak Design DVD -- Stills --TOC--- Order page

Wood & Canvas Canoes: worth a look!

Summer Camp on Nunivak Island-

........................................Kayak Frame, 2004, Nash Harbor, Nunivak Is., Bering Sea in Background
slide show



a Bering Sea replicant circumnavigates obstruction island
photo: michael elder

Kayak Way

Kayak Way is a small Orcas Island boat shop with an International reputation.
We work in the Alaskan skin boat tradition. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

...Work with several Alaskan villages on historic research, education, re-introduction and preservation of kayak traditions.

...Ceaseless advocacy for skin-on-frame as a viable modern boat building method.

...Design and build a wide range of custom boats of all types, canoes, kayaks and smallcraft.

...We produce Museum-grade frames for architectural and decorative use -home or business,

...I'm taking a sabbatical from teaching. Master Classes
are on hold for the time being.

... perform on-going research/design /publication of skin boat plans.

... active publisher on skin boat subjects(Walrose & Hyde)

Skin Boat Books from Walrose & Hyde

Umiak An Illostrated Guide

no-so New Stuff

Rabbit's Last Trip

An article on atlatls

Martin Leonard's kayak links
Martin is an expedition and surf kayaker extraordinaire
who also has a solid background in telecommunications
and technology training. He's also gotten more Alaskan Eskimo kids
out in kayaks than anyone else I know about.

more Qayaq Building in Alaska adventures

August - I finally made it back to Chevak! - October 2002
Qayaq Evolution
The Sod Houses

(I am just starting to post stuff from this trip as of 1/14)

fragments from the cutting room floor
virtual kayaking scenes

A Sewing page

- april, 2002-

Nunivak Kayak
Launch Report

Latest Addition to the family

Catalog of
Kayak & skin boat plans

for the Wood-frame builder

Boat Photos- 16' Umiak/Dory
13' Racing Dinghy

Report on Qayaq building/revival in Alaska -

Nunivak's Web Page

A Qayaq and The Angyaq Project and some Images from Kwigillingok, Alaska

Winter 2000 - Qayaq (qayar) building on Nunivak Island - pix & story

Check out our umiak Section - instant pix

Its Here! - Umiak Book

Photo Gallery..or... Paddler's life on Orcas

Kayaks, Umiaks & Skin Boats

King Island Bird-hunt
That's me in a semi-replica Caribou Hunter built by Harvey Golden.

Harvey's replomania is incurable,
...and worth checking out.

The frame for "Feather", a recent 15' 8" Aleutian style single. ( Plans available)

Boat pictures or ...Detail Gallery

Snogoggle Man!

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