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     fOREST iNFO is concerned with the forests of San Juan County, Washington. It strives to decipher their uncommon characteristics and stewardship requirements. It recognizes that our forests are uniquely constrained by the confluence of unusual geologic and climatic circumstances (as captured by the logo above). Through historical enquiries, it examines former forest conditions for clues to future limitations and potentialities and explores the role that human activities have had in redirecting the natural processes.

     fOREST iNFO reminds county residents that nearly all of their forests are privately owned in small holdings, which is unprecedented in the region. It urges forest landowners to adopt more enlightened connections with these overlooked and misunderstood forests, to assume management responsibilities themselves, and to curtail "take-the-best-and-leave-the-rest" logging practices. These slow-growing forests deserve better understanding and care.

     fOREST iNFO is produced as a private hobby and is offered as a public service. It derives no support from any organization, agency, or commercial enterprise. Content is determined by personal interest and the availability of relevant data.

Author: Tom Schroeder ­
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